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Region: East Tennessee
1845 Minerva E. Carmack
Rogersville, Hawkins Co.
East Tennessee Historical Society, Knoxville

1334"V x 1012"H © TSS 217
fibers: silk
ground: 24 ct. linen
Minerva E. Carmack (1828-1906) may be related to Susan Cormack (b. Dec. 1773 or 1778), whose sampler (TSS 026) was documented by MESDA in 1983. The present location of this sampler is unknown. Both samplers feature houses and trees, though the Susan Cormack sampler is more elaborate and colorful.
The sawtooth satin border (above the signature) is also found on the 1842 Susan G. V. Montcastle (TSS 043), another house and tree motif sampler from Hawkins County. The Susan Cormack, Minerva E. Carmack, and Susan G. V. Montcastle samplers do not bear strong resemblances to one another, other than fitting into the same broad category of house motif samplers. All three houses and the trees are quite distinct.

The number of backwards letters (4) and the advanced age of the maker (17) are unusual and may indicate that the maker’s access to education was limited or late in her childhood.
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