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Region: Middle Tennessee
1853 Sarah (Sallie) Ann Cator
Grassland, Williamson Co.

1614"V x 1612"H © TSS 108
fibers: wool
ground: 30 ct. linen
Sarah (Sallie) Ann Cator (1841 – bet. 1866 and 1868) was first daughter of Moses E. Cator and Mary J. Porter. She grew up in a log cabin on a farm in Grassland, Williamson County. After her father died, the family moved to District 1 in Williamson County. Sallie married Rasa Jerome Howsin 1863. The couple probably moved to Davidson County. They had one child, Annie, born in 1866. Sallie may have died from complications of childbirth.
Both Sallie and her younger sister Martha (TSS 109) must have attended the same unidentified female academy in Franklin as they made similar samplers. Both of their samplers feature fine brick houses. Sallie’s has a two story brick house while Martha’s, the latter of the two, has a brick two-story house with two wings. Sallie and Martha used turkey work, an unusual technique, for the oversized flowers in the borders.
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