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Region: Middle Tennessee
1827 Margaret D. Robinson
Green and Pink Group

1714"V x 1512"H © TSS 079
fibers: silk
ground: 26 V/30 H ct. linen
Of the Margaret Robinsons mentioned in the census and marriage records in Smith, Wilson, DeKalb, and Warren counties, none contain the middle initial D. Females were unnamed in census records until 1850 unless they were the head of the household. Girls who were born and died unmarried before 1850 often remain unidentified. Samplers tend to be handed down through the females of the family and only are inherited by sons if there are no daughters. This could also be an indication that Margaret did not have any direct heirs, as her sampler descended in the male Robinson line.
Only two of the samplers in the Green and Pink group are from Williamson County; most are from the counties to the northeast. Five academies [Carthage Female Academy (Smith Co.), Mrs. Ellis’s Female Academy (Davidson Co.), Gallatin Female Academy (Sumner Co.), Locust Grove Female Academy (Sumner Co.), Lebanon Female Academy (Wilson Co.)] and one teacher, Malenia Marshall (Sumner Co.?), are named on the samplers. The samplers are square, with a central cartouche containing a signature. Most feature a four-sided floral border, with arcading blossoms and green vines. The original pink has faded, leaving most of the samplers with a green, cream, and brown color palette.
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